RFW Ragdoll Breed Seminar Project

5/8/08 New photos and information being put into development of the RFW Breed Seminar

7/1/04:Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club Members,

THANK YOU for the photos I have already received. Keep them coming, please.... the more, the better! If you don't have a digital camera or scanner, send me your snapshots with return information. I'll scan and return them to you asap. This Ragdoll Breed Educational Seminar has been a work in progress and will be available soon and shared worldwide.

I need MANY pictures to show many differences in features... ex. head, front view, profile, ears, eyes, chin, muzzle, body, standing, sitting, legs, tail, coat and pattern. No one will know where the photos came from, you may not even recognize your own photos after editing. We all have a lot of pet pictures and candid shots from our litters and from happy pet owners... send them to me NOW!

Send photos ONLY to me - NO pictures, Cats, Breeders or Owners will be identified - NO one will know who is who

1st step is... I personally remove ALL identity and photo goes into photo project file.

Photos are sorted, edited, cropped and sized, etc

I will be assisted in the final layout but no photo origins will be disclosed... by then, I won't even remember where they came from.

You may suggest a feature but, photo will be used where most beneficial

No photo will be used more than once

Several photos may be used for each feature

Sorry, it's possible that not all photos will be used

*We prefer to not use professional photos that can be recognized.... Just lots of different Ragdoll pictures to show lots of different angles and views. You may send professional pictures if you think they will be usable. If professional photos are used... Photographer credits will be listed somewhere but not with the photo.

Denice Thornton,

RFW Breed Seminar Chairperson 


5/21/04: RFW Club Announcements

Ragdoll Breed Seminar Project

The RFW Board has been working with RFW member Denice Thornton to create a
Ragdoll Breed Seminar that can be used to educate the Breeders, as well as
the Judges, about the Ragdoll Breed Standard. In recognition of her efforts
in spearheading this project, RFW has appointed Denice as the Ragdoll Breed
Seminar Coordinator. Denise, many thanks for all your hard work and your
ongoing commitment to this project!

This a VERY valuable, worthwhile project and a difficult task. As breeders,
your participation and input is wanted and needed. You will be hearing more
from Denice soon.

to contact RFW Breed Seminar Chairperson : Denice Thornton

Please feel free to contact any RFW board member with your questions or



For further information e-mail RFW Club

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