In the News December 2009:

RockinBlues Evening In Paris

RFW Member Cori Cherok shared the news about RockinBlues Evening In Paris who made the cover of Cat Fancy, December 09 issue.



In the News September 2006:

Siambalirags Belles Lil Prince

SiamBaliRags Belle's Lil' Prince is in VOGUE Magazine again this month!!
Last Month VOGUE and back cover of CosmoGirl - two page spread for VeraWang!!
Thanks to RFW Members Bea and Charles Dore' for sharing!

In the News:

Bragdolls Jaxon

Bragdolls Jaxon was on Ellen!!!

From Jaxons owner:

"Do you ever watch the Ellen Degeneres show? Well, she showed a picture of a fat cat last week so we thought we would send her a picture of Jaxon. My Mother was holding him and we wrote her all about him. He was on her show today! At least the picture was! She was amazed at how big he was and she even mentioned that he was a ragdoll!

The audience really went wild when they saw his picture because he was so pretty! 

Take care,


Bragdolls Jaxon was bred by RFW Member Betty Adam.
Congratulations Betty on your famous Ragdoll!!!


In the News 1999:


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