Easy Security Cage Curtains  

These are the easiest curtains to make!! There are only two pieces to my security cage curtains: the top which goes across the top of the cage through the security cage handles and drapes down gently on each side of the cage, and the bottom skirt which goes under the cage and hangs down in the front of the table.. I have found that a sheer fabric is all that is needed for the top, and a coordinating non-sheer fabric is what I used for the bottom.

The top piece will go across the of the cage and drop down over each side. I pull this top piece down over the front of the cage about 6 inches for a valance. This front  edge is where you sew the lace or what ever notions you want. Most fabric is 45 inches wide on the bolt, and you purchase by the yard of running length. I found 3 yards to be more than sufficient for this top and side drape.. Each end will need to be hemmed where it was cut. 

TOP = 3 yards

Next is the bottom. I like my bottom to hang down and cover my table area so I can hide my carrier and grooming box behind the table skirt. This piece should be 22 + 30 + hem allowance 2= 54 inches. You can use a bath rug or a towel inside the cage if you like, but all that is really needed inside a security cage is a bed for your cat to snuggle in.  Some people sew a special cage pad out of fleece or other material that kitties like. Be careful not to get material that is too fuzzy or you may have a problem with static. Many exhibitors add pockets for grooming tools or decorations on this skirt part of the curtains, as well as lace on the bottom edge. Be creative, and have fun!!

BOTTOM= 54 inches

Total Yardage: 

  • Top 3 yards sheer fabric
  • Bottom 1.5 yards coordinating fabric
  • Lace- 3 yards for edge of top, 45 inches for bottom edge of skirt.



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