The Basic Show Bath

by Linda Schurawlow, Floppicat Ragdolls

It is very important that your cat be perfectly groomed for a Cat Show. Remember that Ragdolls’ coats can differ, especially the condition, depending on the time of year and how frequently Kitty has been bathed. Also, your water can vary so you must experiment to know what products and routine will work best for you and your Cat.


Nail Clipper
Brushes - Pin Brush, soft slicker to blow dry
Face Cloth - Face Brush
Mat for sink bottom
2 Dish Pans, large enough for Kitty to stand in
Cup to scoop water
Goop or Hand Degreaser
Shampoos of choice and dish detergent like blue Dawn diluted approx. 1 part Dawn to 3 parts water
White Vinegar
Anti Stat Spray for Winter
Condition/Texture Spray as needed

Patience... Try to always make grooming an enjoyable time for You and your Kitty


1. Clip Nails, preferably the day before

2. Comb Kitty well and be sure to remove any mats or tangles

3. For Stud Tail, greasy, stained or badly soiled areas such as back of hocks... work in Goop or similar hand degreaser and try to leave it on for a few minutes.

4.Stand Kitty in a dish pan or sink full of warm water with a Capful (maybe 2 caps for larger pan or sink) of Woolite added. Wet down Kitty, using cup to pour over back while working through. This will penetrate the coat to the skin more easily as a good preparation for better shampooing results.

5. Remove Kitty from the pan and rinse well.


1. Lather with Shampoo of choice...... Preferably Dawn if Kitty has not been bathed regularly. Be sure to get areas where hair has a tendency to separate and get more oily... ruff, between the front legs, behind ears, top of tail, tender area under tail and don't forget feet and legs, especially the hocks if white.

2. Lather again, probably with the Dawn again concentrating on gently working it through... At this time you could use a face cloth to gently clean face. A very soft tooth brush can be used on the chin if necessary. Do not get soap and water into eyes and ears. Rinse well.

3. Lather & Rinse Again. Another shampoo of choice such as a Texturizing, Protein or Conditioning Shampoo may be substituted.

4. A Color Enhancing Shampoo may be used to brighten the coat or a whitening purple shampoo like Sho Sno can be used to whiten the white areas, especially the feet and back of the legs on a Mitted or Bicolor. This is usually used as the final Shampoo in order to preserve the results. Rinse Very Well.


1. Fill another dish pan or sink with warm water and a capful of white Vinegar. Stand Kitty in pan and use cup to help rinse. Hair should float.

2. Remove Kitty from Pan and Rinse, Rinse, Rinse.

3. Smooth hands down over Kitty to remove excess water.

4. Wrap Kitty in a towel and snuggle gently for a few minutes to help absorb excess water... a second towel and extra kisses may be needed.


1. Use the pin brush to gently back comb... lift and separate hair while blow drying. A soft slicker brush can be carefully used for feet and leg areas only where the hair is shorter.

2. An Anti-Stat, Texturizing or Conditioning spray may be sprayed lightly before drying depending on coat condition and frequency of bathing.

3. Your Cat can be placed in a cage or carrier with dryer airflow directed toward the door but you must be careful to not overheat. Never leave a kitty unattended while drying.

4. Make sure that Kitty is dry and clean in all areas.


1. Some Exhibitors recommend an anti-fungal shampoo before and/or after the show.

2. If Kitty has not been receiving baths... bathe a few days or a week prior to the show and then do the real show bath the day before showing.

3. Always use comfortably warm water.

4. A powder such as cornstarch or Fullers Earth may be used to help dissolve and absorb oils from the tail and coat prior to the bath.

5. Be careful to not use Shampoos that might bleach the coat.

6. Rinsing is very, very important each step of the way. A Good Bath can be ruined because of improper rinsing which can leave product residue.

7. Towels can be warmed in clothes dryer if desired.

8. In winter you will probably need an anti-stat or conditioning spray.

9. If hair is not lifted and separated with a brush, it will take longer to dry and the hair will probably dry in clumps spoiling all your good bathing.

10. After the Show Bath, you will want to keep Kitty in a clean area.

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written by Linda Schurawlow, and is the sole property of the author including the photo. Reprints with written permission only.


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