RFW Voluntary Code of Ethics

What To Expect From A Responsible Breeder

Each Breeder Member of the RFW has a registered Cattery and breeds Ragdoll cats for the purpose of promoting, improving and preserving the Ragdoll Breed to the standard as it is written.

In an effort to achieve this goal:

1. Members will ensure at all times that all cats and kittens are hygienically housed, properly fed, watered, groomed and receive prompt veterinary attention when it is required.

2. Members shall never breed a Ragdoll whose health or condition show any sign of disease, whose temperament is proven faulty due to genetics not environment and/or a Ragdoll which possesses any serious conformation or genetic faults.

3. Members shall not sell or transfer a kitten under the age of ten weeks and shall guarantee that the kitten is weaned, litter-trained and in good health at the time of the sale.

4. Members shall urge buyers to have the kitten/cat examined by the buyers own Veterinarian within a few days of purchase to confirm its good health.

5. Members will provide and abide by a written sales agreement that describes all the terms of each sale.

6. Members shall spay/neuter adults and kittens before the sale or ensure by written agreement that each pet will be altered by the age of 6 months and will not be allowed to produce offspring.

7. Members shall provide to buyers of altered or breeding kittens at the time of sale: registration and pedigree information, a written health and vaccination record along with general care, dietary and grooming information.

8. Members shall not provide registration and pedigree information to buyers of an unaltered pet kitten until written evidence is received from a licensed Veterinarian that the kitten has been altered.

9. Members shall educate buyers about vaccinations, declawing and the dangers of an outdoor environment.

10. Members shall not broker cats/kittens or sell cats/kittens to commercial cat wholesalers, retail pet dealers, or directly allow a cat/kitten to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.

11. Members shall honestly assess their kittens and only sell Breeder Cats of the best quality (health, temperament & standard) possible and will provide prior to or at time of sale; all necessary information and paperwork to the buyer, including registration and a 5 generation pedigree. Member shall be available for future information and guidance.

12. Members shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise or mislead any person regarding the pedigree or the performance of any cat/kitten on the show bench.

As A Breeder Member of RFW, I will breed discriminately and only if I can find homes that I believe will provide a life-long commitment of love, appreciation and responsible care.

I pledge to participate with respect, honesty and an open mind toward each other and a sincere concern for the best interest of the Ragdoll.

I choose to be a Member of this Club and I understand that I am free to resign at any time.

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